Friday, March 9, 2018

Death Positive

My husband thinks it odd that I have favorite morticians that I follow on social media, but he's the one that cries at every funeral whether or not he ever met the deceased. I'm a big fan of the Death Positive movement and love spreading the word here at Shivers of Delight.

I've featured the books of Caitlin Doughty, the famed LA mortician, and just realized she and her mortuary, Undertaking LA, have a shop on Etsy. Maybe I need to start Funeral Fridays? The shop is called The Good Death.

Lip Em'Balm Decomp'puccino
Corpse Meditation T-shirt
Death Salon Pin
Future Corpse T-shirt
Death Salon Tote Bag
Lip Em'Balm Butter Off Dead & Breakfast Witch

Try wearing any of these to your next funeral and see what happens. Does your local mortuary have a gift shop? Tell me about it.

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