Thursday, March 1, 2018

A Steampunk Aesthetic

I have a few altered-art pieces in my Halloween collection. A mummy made from a band-aid box and a pumpkin man with a vintage toaster body, to name a few. I always admire the artists who see the ordinary and can make it spectacular.

Shenna Shepard (Pepperell, MA) is one of those artists. Her pieces have been featured in Just Steampunk! magazine and this past December the American Folk Art Museum featured Shepard's work in their front Christmas display window. Some of her pieces fit right in with our spooky aesthetic and I think you'll be delighted by them. Her shop is called ShenVintageCreations.

Day of the Dead Sculpture
Little Prince
Not Enough Coffee
Angel de la Muerte
Evil Genius Rides Fluffly
Coffee Strong Enough to Wake the Dead
At this point you're thinking about collecting old tins, aren't you? Take my advice- leave it to the experts.

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