Tuesday, March 13, 2018

A Skull In Your Window

As Spring approaches I'm starting to think that I want to take down my winter curtains and put some stained glass in my windows. Shelley Mitchell (Brighton, U.K.) has some skull-icioius pieces I'm considering. Her shop is called GlassArtWerks. I'm not sure how the printed images are put on the glass, but they're pretty cool.

Memento Mori
Grey & Green Skull
Winged Skull
Skull Mandala
Geometric Bat
Geometric Star & Skull
I think every window on my back porch might need some stained glass. Maybe a curtain of stained glass!


  1. Oh I do like that first one. Very much! 🖤💀🖤 AND Shelley's in the UK. I'll have to seek her out 😉

    1. My favorites always tend to lead the post. I love it too. Let me know if you purchase one!