Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Two Sides to Every Artist

If you visit the Deesimagineering shop you'll find an odd juxtaposition of charming portraits of people who could be your family members along with slightly creepy paintings of imagined scenes. What goes on in Deanna Colosimo's head I wonder? Does she struggle with the two sides of her personality? I hope not because both sides are very talented. I'm featuring her darker side today.
Witches Brew Triptych Print
The Story Silkscreen
Fortune Teller Print
Ice Cream Man Print
The Library: Transformation of Education Print
The School of Insane Children Print
Colosimo does custom portraits as well and that's why her shop is filled with pictures of nice, friendly people too. Just so you don't miss out on the fact that these images live side by side there here is a sample of her custom portrait work.

This couple is adorable! I'm considering trying to get Colosimo's two sides to talk to each other by doing a wicked portrait of me and my husband.....

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