Monday, June 5, 2017

Octopus Lair

It would kind of be fun to turn a small study into an octopus lair. It might be where the captain of the ship (house?) controls the seas. Gregory Besson can help you make that happen because he is creating some great household accessories for the steampunk and pirate lovers. I love the octopus tentacles wrapping themselves around doors. Besson's shop is called Gregs Home and if you like mysteries of the deep sea type, you'll want one of these.

Octopus Door Handle
Seahorse Door Handle
Giant Octopus Pair of Door Handles
Octopus Lamp
Octopus Hooks & Hangers
Tentacle Bookends
Add a few leather chairs, an old wooden desk, and a globe and your room is finished I'd say. You might need a monocle if you want to be authentic.

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