Monday, May 22, 2017

World Goth Day

Today, May 22nd is World Goth Day! Begun in 2009 in the UK, World Goth Day has its own website to share events happening around the world. My first experience with the Goth culture took place in 1985 when I was enrolled in a study abroad program in London.

Let me set the scene: I was a fairly sheltered student from a catholic woman's college ready to explore the world. I read in NME (I was a big fan of New Wave music then) that there was a newish club for Goths in London so I decided to drag a couple of my catholic-woman's-college friends to go check it out. Long story short we arrived way too early in the night and were dressed like a cross between the Madonna and that Madonna. Because of our early arrival and possibly because they didn't know what to do with us, we were allowed in the club and got a prime seat at a large table in a cave- yes, a cave. As we sat there gawking, the drinks started coming and our table became crowded with real Goths(!) and they were friendly(!). I don't remember much about the evening except that when we finally decided to go home we had to stand on the table and walk our way to the door because it was so crowded. I call that evening one of the successes in my education.

Of course, any Goth worth their weight in gold (blood?) knows that you need a good pair of black boots. Doc Martens were always the favorite back in the old days, but now there are plenty of opportunities to explore. If you don't have a solid pair of boots to wear on Wold Goth Day, let me suggest a few. What better way to celebrate than buying a new pair?

Fetal Skeleton Dripping Blood Boots from moovmint
Vintage Doc Marten Chunky Boots from KingsleyClassics
Vintage Spider Web Muro Boots from AtomicFireball
Vintage "The Craft" Boots from katherineviolette
Skull Boots from  RockYourSole
REACTOR Platform Boots from VintagePlatformDeal
Wear black today (with a pair of boots) and let your inner Goth shine.

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