Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Tipple Tuesday: Witch's Brew Iced Tea

Tuesday is the perfect day for a cocktail - well, really every day is a perfect day for a cocktail, but poor Tuesday suffers from a case of non-identity. I mean Monday is ugh, monday; Wednesday is Hump Day; Thursday is pre-weekend party night; Friday is FRIDAY and the weekend is just magical. This is why we must drink something special on Tuesday.

The weather is getting warmer and I thought it might be nice to try a Witch's Brew Iced Tea from Celebrations.com. It would be nice if you could drink it out of a poison glass.

Witch's Brew Iced Tea
15 oz of Good Earth Spice Iced Tea
5 oz of Vodka
Handful of Gummy Worms for garnish

Brew the iced tea according to package directions 
Allow to cool in the refrigerator
Once cooled, add the Vodka and mix well 
Return it to the refrigerator for a bit.
Once it's ready, fill a tall glass with ice 
Poor in the iced tea 
Garnish with a few gummy worms before serving.

Witch's Brew Iced Tea from Celebrations.com
Drink up, Witches!

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