Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Spider Web Decor

I try to bring Halloween into our home all year long so that I don't have so much decorating to do in October- at least that's my excuse. That means that my spooky items need to be of a quality above what you would buy in a discount store during that month.

I'd like to add a small end table that reminds me of spiders in our house. I've been thinking that if I decorate with a lot of spider webs you may not notice the real ones in all the corners. I can't get rid of the spiders because I've given them all names and, well, it would be just wrong to evict them now that we're friends and all.

MJMetalAlmonte is creating some spooky furniture up in Canada that is calling to me.

Spider Web Plant Stand
Spider Plant Stand
MJMetalAlmonte also has this wonderful spider web hanger if you're looking for something a bit smaller.

Spider Web Hanger

Hairpinlegs also has a few spider web pieces I'm eyeing, including an amazing headboard.

Spider Web End Table
Spider Web Headboard
Last, but not least, Noteven is featuring this abstract spider web table. 

Gothic Spider Web Table
We really do have a lot of spiders in our house this year. Someone actually tried to give me a tip on getting rid of them. I looked at them incredulously. Why would I do that to Betty who lives in the bathroom?

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