Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Mystical Figures & Sculptures

Noemi Smith's sculptures and dolls are delightful.  The mystical beings she creates with her meticulous attention to detail showcase beauty along with an otherworldly nature. Made with polymer clay, paint, fabric, and odds and ends, Smith brings each sculpture to life- right out of a fairytale. Her shop is called Angels by Noemi and you'll find original pieces as well as high-quality resin copies and doll making supplies.

Ball-jointed Catrina Day of the Dead Doll
Ball-jointed Ghost Catrina
Jersey Devil Resin Sculpture
Mandrake Resin Sculpture (Harry Potter Character)
Wendigo Demon Resin Figure
Moon Rider: Polar Bear with Faun

I definitely want to go where that polar bear is going. If you've even thought of making your own doll, Smith offers online classes in doll making in her shop as well.

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