Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Live In A Spooky Forest

I'm forever on the hunt for a pendant light for our entrance hall. The one that is there was present when we moved in -13 years ago! It's gold and looks like some 1970s idea of a colonial lantern.  I hate it, but haven't been able to find just the right thing. Of course, that means the "right thing" has to be in our budget which is probably small when you're looking for a signature light fixture.

Few people enter through our front door. If I were to add up how many times people entered the house that way Halloween would win easily in percentage of openings, so I feel that the light fixture should reflect that spooky night.

I'm looking to Fragiskos Bitros for inspiration. His light fixtures create just the right spine-tingling mood. His shop is called F+M FOS and while his fixtures are way out of my budget, a girl can dream.

Roots Medium Ceiling Light
Roots Wall Fixture
Roots Small Ceiling Light
Roots Ceiling Light on Sale!
Roots Table Light
Roots Large Ceiling Light
I imagine at night these light fixtures cast shadows like a haunted forest at twilight. I love the idea of greeting my guests and welcoming them into our dark, spooky forest.

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