Wednesday, May 24, 2017

In a Dark Forest

I'm always looking for ways to bring a bit of a haunting atmosphere to our house.  I hadn't really considered a wall mural before, but technology has brought the price down and the options are so much more interesting now. I happened upon a few forest scenes that for some reason give me the chills. I think they are meant to be relaxing, but my mind shows me images of a werewolf jumping out from behind a tree. Horror movies have taught me that when something looks that peaceful you know trouble is just around the corner.

Gloomy Forest Mural from KidsColoray
(I would not let my child play in that forest)
Forest Wall Mural from KidsColoray
(Nope. Babies shouldn't be in this forest either)
Winter Landscape Wall Mural from KidsColoray
Fantasy Forest Wall Mural from DreamyWall
Dark Forest Wallpaper from VGWallArt
Mystic Forest Wall Mural from 4KdesignWall
Now, where did I put my large empty wall?

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