Thursday, May 25, 2017

Eye-Catching Jewelry & Art

Hungarian artist Szilvia Boda is one of us. She writes "I believe that our mystical, darker side is very important, and we need to embrace it, and make it beautiful and exciting." Boda is a self-taught jewelry maker who began her career in graphic arts and interior design, but working with her hands seems to have been more suited to her.  Her jewelry is available at Boda Szilvia Jewelry & Art.

Hand-painted Ghost Lover's Eye Necklace
Hand-painted Lover's Eye Pendant
Wire-wrapped Cobweb Necklace
Copper Wire-wrapped Dragon Eye Ring
Original Painting Witch Portrait
Original Oil Painting Noctuidae Moth Goddess
Original Acrylic Painting, Iris

I can't decide whether I like Boda's jewelry or painting more. I'm glad she doesn't just focus on one of them.

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