Thursday, May 4, 2017

Dolls of Wild Woods and Lonely Moors

The dolls from Athropomorphica recently caught my eye. Created by Melanie Ashton, they are quietly haunting. Haunting in the sense that they stick with you more than that they are spooky, though they are a bit of that too. Made from clay, twigs, wool, shells, and bones they evoke dark forests with drizzling rain and earth magic.  I can imagine them peering out at me from behind trees.

The Abandoned One- Radha
The Abandoned One- Angharad
The Tangling

Ashton has also written a tale for children and adults called "The Shady Tale of Persephone De Grimoire." She describes it as "a dark little tale born of the Ghastly Governessa and her stolen ones." It sounds interesting, but when you learn that the subject matter concerns death and dark goddesses, well, what could be more delightful?

The Shady Tale of Persephone de Grimoire

I'm enchanted by these dolls. They're full of mystery and maybe a little mischief.

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