Friday, May 12, 2017

Bone Forest Gifts

There is a witch who lives alone at the edge of a forest in Russia. Her name is Marianne. She is shunned by her village because the forest is magical and people who visit it typically don't return- except for Marianne. She regularly enters the forest to collect items to make jewelry.

This is the story that the shop owners, Svetlana and Dimitry, have created to inspire them. The shop is Bone Forest Gifts and their jewelry has a magic of its own.  Designed to look like bone, the jewelry is actually made by 3D printing.

Marianne is listed as a shop owner as well as an idol and witch.

Human Thorax Pendant
Human Vertebrae Pendant
Monk Skull Spider Pendant
Octopus-Man Skull Pendant
Crescent Moon Pendant
Ram Skull Pendant
Because they are 3D printed, these pieces are very affordable and light weight to wear. You're going to want to remember this shop when you're looking for your next piece of statement jewelry.

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