Thursday, April 13, 2017

Spooky Box Club

I wish I had thought of this idea. The Spooky Box Club is a service that allows you to sign up to receive a box of gothic/alternative/witch related items once a month or as often as you choose. This is much like the monthly subscription clubs you're already familiar with that bring you flowers, food, art supplies or beauty products.  The geniuses behind Spooky Box Club are Sarah and Dan. This is what I know of them: they're married and they live in the U.K..

The great thing about Spooky Box Club is you can pre-order the latest box or purchase a subscription. You can also order previous months boxes until they sell out. Just to let you know what you're missing, a recent box was called "The Memento Mori Box." There is a new theme every month.

Here are some of the Spooky Boxes available:

  • Gothic Gardening Box
  • Haunted Library
  • Sweet Nightmares
  • Merry Hexmas
Boxes are priced in British pounds at less than £25 for U.K. citizens. Add another £10 if they have to ship internationally. The website shop also has single items for sale that are creeptastic.

Home Sweet Haunted Home Banner
Ghost Hunter Patch
Creepy Coffin Motel Keyring
There are lots of awesome items available so shop till you drop dead.

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