Tuesday, April 18, 2017

My Own Dark Corner

Whenever someone new enters our house I always feel the need to apologize for my dark side. I think it must seem odd to enter a house painted with bright, cheery colors and then start to notice the macabre art hanging everywhere. I usually make some excuse about loving Halloween and not being able to put it all away once the holiday has passed.

I'm sure it's not as weird and disconcerting as I'm afraid it is. It's just that as people walk around, their heads are whipping from side to side as they take it all in. That's when I start quickly shuffling them through.

The truth is I don't see the items as Halloween decorations at all. The house is an echo of my personality: sometimes playful, sometimes brooding. I need to stop apologizing for it. It's a whimspookal house.

This all came to me yesterday as I was putting some glasses away in the dining room china cabinet. The cabinet was made by my grandfather and I remember it at my grandparent's house as the place the good china was kept for holidays. In our house, it's used to hold glassware for cocktails and some of my macabre collection. I wonder what they would think?

Twinkling lights and stars hang from the ceiling in the dining room. The portrait above the china cabinet is of one of our cats wearing heart sunglasses done by artist & musician David Yao (The Jesus Lizard.) The metal chair reads "Vous Etes Ici" You are here. That's to keep my grounded. Those are the whimsical things.

Let's take a closer look at the spooky creeping in.


I won't go into detail about where everything came from (ask if you're curious about an item.) They're all things that I have picked up here and there or were given to me. Our house is filled with little dark corners. I'll try to post more of them from time to time. It's good for me to take a closer look. You can pass by items everyday and just stop seeing them. 

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