Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Happy Mice in the Afterlife

Yes, I prefer to think that animals that have been given an afterlife through taxidermy might just be happy about that. I talk to my rat, Hazel, (who has horns and wings) all the time and she never shows a hint of unhappiness.

I'm confident that any mouse would be pleased to have an afterlife in the hands of Amber Maykut, who has an extensive resume of taxidermy education and experience. Maykut was associated with the Morbid Anatomy Museum while they existed (lower your head and mourn) offering taxidermy classes there and she created a custom mouse for cult film director John Waters. She now has a shop called Brooklyn Taxidermy.

Fortune Teller Gypsy Taxidermy Mouse Diorama
Beetlejuice and Lydia Taxidermy Mice
Taxidermy Grim Reaper Mouse
Tattoo Artist Taxidermy Mouse
Taxidermy Coffee Shop Mouse

Maykut has a great skill and a great sense of humor, and fortunately for us, she is cleaning out her apartment that is full of taxidermy. Visit her shop for that perfectly unique wedding or graduation gift. 

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