Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Death Whistles

Until very recently, I had never heard of an Aztec Death Whistle. You probably haven't either.  The Aztecs are believed to have made the whistles for ceremonial use and to frighten tribes they were at war with.  The sound is said to be terrifying - like a human scream. You can read more about the history of death whistles at Mexicolore.

When Neil Goldsmith heard about them, he decided he had to recreate one. His passion turned into a business and his shop is called Aztec Death Whistles. Goldsmith's whistles are made from high grade resin and epoxy. No two whistles sound the same- everyone has a different scream, right? 

La Muerte Whistle
Blood Red Skull Whistle
Baphomet Whistle
The Carnivore Whistle
The Raven Whistle

You might want one of these around your neck when taking a family vacation. If you get separated you can whistle for everyone to find you. I'm sure you'll get everyone to stop for a moment and pay attention too.

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