Friday, April 14, 2017

Creepy Cookies

My mom's sugar cookie recipe is the absolute best. Everyone who has tasted it tells me so. It's the perfect dough for cutting out shapes, too. I have many of her cookie cutters, and think most of them are from the 1970s and probably came in a box of cereal or something. There are stars, Santas, tulips, cats, and of course pumpkins and witches. I only make the cookies for special occasions because it's so time consuming.

My cookie cutter collection is a little tame though, and I'm thinking of branching out. Bakerlogy makes inexpensive dishwasher-safe cutters that stray far from the usual. I think the conversation at your next party will be greatly improved if you serve up cookies make with these.

Intestines, Stomach & Liver cutters
Zombie Hand Cookie Cutter
Anatomical Human Foot Cookie Cutter
Eyeball Cookie Cutters
Toxic Cookie Cutter
Big Foot Cookie Cutter

There are some really funny political, sexual, and just plain odd cookie cutters in this shop. You'll get a giggle imagining bringing some of these to your grandmother's house. Bakerlogy has their own cookie recipe they'll share with you and that's a good thing because I'm not sharing mine.

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