Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Beautiful Bugs

With Spring comes bugs- lot's of bugs. That's ok with me as long as they give me my personal space because they really are fascinating to watch. I'm also fascinated with the textile bugs at mysouldesign.  Natalia sculpts delicate insects from fabric and I don't know what all. I just want to stare at them. These are bugs you want to pick up and hold.

White-Cream Cicada Brooch
Spider Mushrooms
Gold-Black Beetle Brooch
Stoff-Skuptur Bats
White-Cream Butterfly
For me the scariest bug is the grasshopper. I'm always afraid they're going to jump on me. One of my terrifying tales is the time I threw a shoe at a grasshopper chirping in my bedroom one night. The shoe knocked over the lamp and I was left in total darkness with the still chirping grasshopper. I know- horrifying.

Natalia's bugs are ones that I would actually proudly place on my body. Visit her shop. These textile insects are stunningly beautiful.

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