Tuesday, April 25, 2017

A Gothic Garden

I have a fairly large flower garden for a city house that I like to play in. It covers most of our back yard and it's always changing. The flowers seem to want to go someplace other than where I placed them so I'm constantly trying to corral them and make them behave. I have a notion in the back of my head that fairies come at night and move things the way they like them. So far no wars have broken out between us.

For some time I've been considering the idea of creating an area for poisonous plants. You see our garden is fairly cheery. There are brightly colored flowers and quirky garden art pieces, but I haven't been able to bring in my dark side yet. It somehow doesn't feel balanced to me. I'm going to be exploring this idea this Spring and I think the best place to start is with some Gothic touches. I'm looking at these trellises.
Panacea Gothic Garden Screen at Amazon
Tall Gothic Arbor at Amazon
H. Potter Bell Gothic Trellis at Wayfair
H. Potter Wrought Iron Arched Trellis at Wayfair
Twig Arch Trellis at Terrain
Spider in a Tattered Web Garden Trellis from The Dusty Raven

Of course, I love them all. First I need to find a secluded corner for my poison garden. Maybe I can make it look like a little cemetery.....

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