Monday, March 20, 2017

Woe and Shucks

I find that people who gravitate toward the macabre have the best sense of humor. In order to not go off the deep end, you have to find humor in the tragic. Woe and Shucks is a shop that captures this philosophy and then sells it to you. You should buy it.

The Antisocial Home Museum: Curiosities and My Cat (Brilliant!)
Spirit Bored and Dead on the Inside Pin
Black Phillip Is My President
Skeptic Scully Nesting Doll
House of Usher Enamel Pin
Black Phillip vs Krampus

There are so many good t-shirts here. I don't even wear t-shirts that often and I want about six of them. The Antisocial Home Museum t-shirt? That is one of my life goals!

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