Monday, March 6, 2017

Turning the Comforting Uncomfortable

Karl Jahnke is an artist living in Chicago who paints and sculpts. His work often takes something lovely (a cupcake) and with a flick of the paintbrush turns it into something you don't want anymore- a cupcake with spiders crawling over it. Jahnke turns the comforting into the uncomfortable.  His website galleries have wonderful examples of his sculpture and painting.

Spider and Cupcake
Young Lady
Jahnke also has an Etsy shop, Singular Elements, that has some pretty frightening stuffed animals. Not taxidermy, mind you, but a child's stuffed animal. These are all handmade.

Scary Teddy Bear
White Bunny Scarecrow
Alien Skull Rabbit
I'm really drawn to the stuffed animals.  Maybe one will find it's way into that spooky baby carriage I have in the basement. Jahnke also has prints of his painting in his Etsy shop for sale. Browse through it all.

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