Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Spun Cotton Halloween

The first figure I ever bought from Vintage by Crystal was a bat with outstretched wings. That was soon followed by a black cat and an octopus. I wanted to create a sort of Halloween rock band. I still treasure them and was recently re-inspired to look to see what was in the shop. I wasn't disappointed! Since I first purchased my spun cotton figures, there is a new website (where you can find events, a blog, and special sales) and Crystal and Ben Sloane are working full-time making these wonderful figures. Each figures in unique, and they're simply charming. I think the Sloanes might need to write a storybook to go along with them.

Siamese Bat Children
Halloween Skeleton
Black Standing Cat
Halloween Spider
Pumpkin Boy Riding Black Cat
If you're a fan of Bethany Lowe then you really need to check out the entire collection. I love these little figures and need to create an entire Halloween parade across the fireplace mantel. Wouldn't that be fun?

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