Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Scream-Printed T-Shirts

Ben Parsons is doing it right. He prints his t-shirts by etching a design and using a screen print. I know vinyl printed t-shirts are everywhere, but you can't beat a good old screen print in my opinion. They wear so much better. Parsons says he started printing shirts when his brother moved out and he took over his room for a printing shop- funny.  His designs are simple, bold, and spookalicious.  The shop is called Ben Prints and carries hats, hoodies, and tank tops as well as t-shirts.

Day of the Dead T-shirt
Cat Cross Bones T-shirt
Skull T-shirt
Skull Baseball Raglan Shirt
Skull Baseball Cap
Sins For Days T-shirt
Frank Lives T-shirt
There are lots of great designs in this shop. Make sure you read the "about" section for a special discount if you're going to purchase- and I do encourage that. You'll make Ben's brother feel so much better for moving out if you buy a t-shirt. He'll know it all worked out in the end, and that's what we all want.

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