Thursday, March 30, 2017

Patches & Pins

The recent explosion of enamel pins for sale makes me wonder what to do with all of them. The problem is I like so many of them and have even bought a few, but I'm not sure where to pin them. They usually don't look right on my office attire, I don't wear hats, and I don't wear vests. Maybe I can turn them into hair ornaments? I'm still working this out.

In the meantime, Seventhfury - The Works of Matthew Johnson is grabbing my attention with a great selection of enamel pins and embroidered patches.

Embroidered Gentleman Patch
Bitey Corn
Knocked Speechless Embroidered Skull Patch
Gold Lightening Skull Enamel Pin
Embroidered Screaming Pumpkin Patch
Scaredy Corn Enamel Pin

Johnson also has some silk screen prints in his shop that I like.

The Pumpkin King Poster
Clandestine Cat Poster
If you like Johnson's style you should hop over to his shop Seventh Ink for t-shirts and art. I'll be looking for places to pin.

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