Thursday, March 23, 2017

Leather Pendants from Edenbee

When I was looking for a mask for the Goblin Ball a few month ago, I came across Eden Bachelder's shop called Edenbee. Bachelder is a Canadian artist who has dabbled in many arts and is focused on mask making for the moment. My attention was drawn to the leather pendants that she creates, but I also like her watercolors. I'm not dismissing her masks; those are lovely too.

Death's Head Moth Pendant
Owl Skeleton
Bat Pendant
Goat Leather Mask
Signed and Matted Print of Black Bird VI
Slinking Wolf Print
Sepia Raven Matted Print
The more I look at that goat mask, the more I love it. I would wear it with a big ballgown. Visit Bachelder's shop for a variety of masks. You can't have too many.

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