Friday, March 24, 2017

It's Friday - Tie One On

Gentleman, it's time to start thinking about wedding season. No, I'm not asking you to propose to anyone, but you should consider purchasing a new tie - perhaps several ties. After all, you'll probably wear the same suit if you have to go to multiple weddings and wouldn't it be nice to change up the look with a different tie?

Ed's Neckties has some frightfully awesome choices for you. Shop owner Ed Ballesteros was encouraged to make his own ties after noticing the great fabric available when his wife was shopping.  Good for Ed, I say!

Black Skull Necktie
Sugar Skull Necktie
Red Skull Tie
Patriotic Skull Necktie
Skeleton Necktie
You know that deep inside you'd rather wear one of these ties instead of the one your wife or girlfriend picked up for you at Kohls.  Just do it.  And next Christmas, point your family in this direction if they're going to buy you a tie.

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