Thursday, March 16, 2017

Fantastic Skirts from Rooby Lane

As soon as this snow is gone, I'm going to want a few new Spring items to wear. I'm enchanted with the skirts and dresses from Rooby Lane. The shop owner (Rooby?) designs her own fabrics and has a small army of what she called "mature" women sewing the items in their homes. She also uses a factory that is a small London business to make the dresses. It all sounds so wonderful and happy that I'm going to need a dark and gloomy skirt just to balance it all out.

Spells on Parchment Paper Skirt
Classic Horror Stories Infinity Scarf
Dracula Literature Skirt
Hamlet's Soliloquy Dress
Geeky Drone Dress
Lady MacBeth Skirt
I love that Rooby Lane will create a custom skirt for you using your favorite piece of literature. I wouldn't even know where to begin. Bridesmaids skirts, anyone?? Rooby Lane also has an Etsy shop if you're more comfortable ordering there. 

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