Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Divine This

I need some good old divination to know if we're going to lose power in today's snowstorm. If it does go out, maybe a spirit board can tell me when it will come back on. The first priority in any snow storm is, of course, to get the blog post out (after a good cup of coffee.) The handy thing about spirit boards is they don't use any electricity.

Pandora Witch Shop is located in the Ukraine, which I think, makes it all the more magical. The shop owners are Balaur and Vendana. All items are handmade of etched and painted wood.

All Seeing Eye Ouija Board
Baphomet Ouija Board
Wheel of the Year
Divination Pendulum Board
Altar Shelf
Tarot Box
Elder Futhark Runes
Aren't these pieces lovely? Even if you're not a practicing witch, these are nice display pieces. It doesn't hurt to surround yourself with a little magic now and then.

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