Monday, March 13, 2017

Blood Lust

I have no idea why I started looking for blood jewelry. I think it had to do something with being a "B" word. Much to my surprise, I found the vials of blood both disgusting and amusing. I kept thinking about a friendly vampire who didn't want to hurt his non-vampire friends so he kept a vial of emergency blood around his neck. Something like vegetarians might do with carrot sticks when they go to a bbq.

Tooth Shaped Blood Vial from IntheWitchwood
Steampunk Blood Vial by AuntMatildasJewelry

Lovers Blood Vial Kit from ArtemMortis
Bloody Scissors from FantasiaTrinkets
Gothic Skull Poison Bottle from 13thPysche
Bullet Blood Vial from WanderlustHeartShop

The faux blood in the vials (except for the lovers kit where you add your own blood- yikes) varies in authenticity, but I think the sentiment comes across just fine. Not a bad idea to have a spare around I suppose.

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