Friday, February 3, 2017

Vocisconnesse: Dark Fairy Tale Art

Jessica Angiulli is an illustrator who specializes in dark fairy tale art. She and her partner Tryfar operate a freelance illustration and design business called Diramazioni in Milan, Italy. In addition, Angiulli sells her work on Etsy at Vocisconnesse. Her paintings are like frantic dreams to me- the brush strokes are quick and the edges are blurry. While her illustrations are a bit more muted and refined, they still have a dream-like quality to them. Angiulli also creates jewelry and sculpture. Here is a sample.

la Gastroncena
Behind the Tree
Witch's Council 
Little Red Riding Hood
Cat On Roof Locket
Tarocchi de Connessione Tarot Deck
Orange Levendel Faerie Solid Perfume
I admire people who express their art in a variety of media. They must be balls of energy. Hopefully they find their peace and quiet in the process of creating.

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