Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Trinkets, Treasures & Oddities

These are the things I like about illustrator Pam Wishbow: her use of color, 1950's style, and her quirkiness. Oh, and of course, her grasp of the spooky. Wishbow has it all plus a great last name. I'm jealous. Her shop on Etsy is chock-full of glorious art and you should get there before I buy it all.

2017 Headstone Mini Calendar
(hint- this is what the 2016 calendar looked like)
2016 Headstone Calendar
Paper Talking Board
House Ghost Collector Cards
Momento Mori Forged Steel Charm
Protection from Treacherous Paths Bottled Momento
Professor Pam's Urban Divination Deck
Something Familiar Comic
Gosh darn it. I just spent about $100 trying to write this post. I need it all! Can I write this off on my taxes? Take a minute to visit pamwishbow.com and then get out your credit card(s) and head to Etsy.

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