Monday, February 13, 2017

The Goblin Ball

When you live in New England, February can start to be very dreary. Those Currier and Ives images of December give way to a scene that's a cross between a volcanic ash carpet and a mud slide. That's why I was so excited to get a ticket to Oneail FX Studio's Goblin Ball. Having something to look forward to in February (no one looks forward to Valentine's Day) is king.

My friends noticed the Labyrinth-themed Goblin Ball event on Facebook and when tickets went on sale they sold out in something like fifteen minutes. I have no idea how I got one of those tickets, but I did. People went crazy and the event sponsors had to schedule a second ball- taking place this weekend.

I was really interested in attending this particular costume ball because a) it was going to take place only an hour away from where I live; b) it was being hosted by an artist who creates silicon masks and c) it was taking place in a recently closed museum of armory. Location for a costume ball is key. You will never find me at the local radio station's Halloween party at the Sheraton ballroom.

Two of my friends, Heather and Sarah, and I started holding monthly Goblin Ball costume workshops starting in November that involved more alcohol and cheese and Etsy credit card purchases than actual crafting, but it kept us focused on the task of creating costumes none-the-less.

We attended the ball this past Saturday. Let me just cut to the chase- it was fabulous. When I walked into the ballroom, my jaw dropped. It looked like a medieval castle or cathedral. My photos won't do it justice. The costumes were stunning. Well, I should just show you the pictures.

It was all this and so much more. What did I wear you ask? Well, the favorite part of my costume was the large feather bustle which I don't actually have a picture of- dumb. The next thing I loved was my hair. I used a YouTube tutorial by Iris J. and made it as tall as I could get it.  

My costume was a combination of things. I made the silk coat, feather necklace and fashioned the door knocker brooch from a barrette by Hysteria Machine. My friends and I had similar brooches that we all wore. The mask came from Vincent Cantillon.

If you live in the New England area, it would be worth your while to try to get a ticket for this Saturday's Goblin Ball. I know there are still some floating around out there. You'll have a great time.

It's also worthwhile to friend Oneail FX Studio on Facebook because they'll be having other events too.  In the past, they've had a Wizard School. I'm a fan. 


  1. Wow. It looks like a ghoulish time was had by all! Everyone looked beautiful.

  2. What awesome night it was!! Can't wait to do it again