Thursday, February 16, 2017

Spooky But Cute Art Dolls

Rachel Ann says she visualizes her dolls on a whim that usually takes place in the early hours of the morning. She doesn't take commissions because it sounds like the dolls dictate what they're going to look like and she has little control.  I like the way her dolls appear to be trying to put their best foot forward even while they might be a little sad and awkward. I guess that pretty much describes many of the Goths I've known. Rachel Ann's shop in SpookyButCute.

Sally Spider
Morag & Witch Friend
Miss Victoria Steampunk
Sugar Skull Bride & Groom
Gothic Spiderweb Lady
Button Eyed Polly

You can also find clay jewelry in Rachel Ann's shop with the same spooky style as her dolls. It's all fun. Maybe you can help these dolls find a home?

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