Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Sculptures from Bones

If you're like me, you probably have a few spare bones laying around that you have plans for.... someday. For me, I always think they'd make good hair ornaments. Unfortunately that "day" never comes along and they sit there gathering dust.

Not so for artist Tim Price. He has been studying nature and animals since he was a kid and with a little encouragement from friends started turning his bone collection into art. It's impressive. All of his sculptures use materials that are actual bones from animals that have died naturally or by just crossing the road. A portion of his profits help to support a local no-kill animal shelter. His website is Forgotten Boneyard. Price's website gallery shows his painstakingly-created, beautiful collection of original art.
Bone Plant Arrangement (original)
Infested (original)
Custom Bone Flower (original)
Arachne (original)
In his online store at StoreEnvy, you'll find some original pieces and reproductions of his original sculptures. They're just as impressive.

Monster Under The Bed (original)
Sheep Eyeballs in Glass Globe 
Arachne Plastic Replica
Kampos Replica
I just realized that the thing missing in my life has been a glass globe of sheep eyeballs. Who knew?! I'm blown away by Price's work and if I had known about these sculptures when I was getting married I would have walked down the aisle (ok, driveway) with a bouquet of bone flowers. Please someone, do it and send me the picture.

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