Monday, February 20, 2017

Insect Art from Atomic Folk Art

If you're a sci-fi fan or perhaps a Steam Punker you'll love the blog and shop created by Atomic Folk Art. The three artists behind the venture imagine themselves as visitors from another place visiting earth and write about their adventures on their blog. In their shop they carry alien weapons, space tourist trinkets, intergalactic collages, and, what I'm featuring today, earth specimens and bones. They're very amusing and you should support them. They are refugees of a sort.
Framed Leaf Insect
Cemetery Lantern with Taxidermy Bat
Blue Weevil Beetle Specimen Jar
Giant Mantis in Ornate Vintage Frame
Framed Bat Skeleton

Just so you have an idea of other items in the shop, here is a selection.

The Adjustable Beamer
Abnormal Motherhood
Toy Model UFO 
It would be wise to befriend these so-called aliens. You never know, they might actually be from another planet and we may need to evacuate this one.

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