Friday, February 17, 2017

Hysteria Machine: Purveyor of Macabre Accessories

I saw some of Hysteria Machine's pieces up close when I attended the Goblin Ball last Saturday. If you need a stunning piece of gothic jewelry for your attire you must check out the shop. The headpieces and masks I saw were absolutely gorgeous. Hysteria Machine lists itself as a "designer and purveyor of fine headdresses and macabre accessories."

Costume balls are becoming more and more popular and you never know when you'll get a last minute invitation. Shouldn't you have a few pieces on hand for emergencies? After all, if you had just one magnificent piece as your costume you could wear a black garbage bag and no one would care.

Blind Horned Mask
Nevermore Crow Crown
Emerald Chest Piece
Silver Faux Horn Headdress
Golden Triple Skull Headdress
Cathedral Stained Glass Headdress
These are heirloom pieces to be sure. Yes, I think any niece or nephew would be thrilled to inherit such an item. Well, at least they'd have a good family story to tell. 

Hysteria Machine also sells some less expensive small jewelry pieces that I'm going to make you search out. That way I know you'll check out the shop. 

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