Friday, February 24, 2017

Everyday Spooky Attire

You may remember that last Fall I talked about my Halloween wardrobe (don't forget to check out my Pinterest board if you'd like more ideas.) These are pieces that have a touch of the macabre or spooky that I can wear everyday- not just during October. I stumbled upon a great source for my Halloween wardrobe that makes "up-cycled vintage wear".  Best part is they like to add a lot of skeletons.

The shop is It's Me Designs and the designer is Dawn Heisler. The studio is located in Florida and has a beautifully photographed website. You purchase items at the Etsy shop. You'll find spooky wardrobe pieces for your entire family here.

Cemetery Dress
Skeleton Ruffled Blouse
Strapless Spider Dress
Black Bat Party Dress
Skull Hands Mandarin Collar Button Down Shirt
Skulls Black Short Sleeve Button Down Shirt
Skeleton and Rose Button Down Shirt
Day of the Dead Sugar Skull Button Down Shirt
The hardest part about shopping here is not falling in love with something that isn't in your size. The best part is looking at the beautifully-photographed, attractive people in delightfully creepy outfits.

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