Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Bats Are My Friends

Don't you love those images of little bats wrapped in colorful blankets that pop up on Facebook every few months? I do. Every time I see one I think "I want a baby bat!" In reality, I probably don't want one. Did I ever tell you about the time one of my cats caught a bat and left it (alive) next to my head while I was sleeping? There may have been screaming involved. Fortunately my housemate rescued the bat and helped it recover quietly till he released it. And, no, none of us got rabies shots which may explain a few things.

In honor of my bat bedmate, I'm looking at these adorable bat pendants.

Hand-carved Bat Necklace by TheArcaneForest
Metal Hanging Bat Necklace by TwinBatMetals
Black Silver Fruit Bat by PeggySkempJewelry
Sterling Silver African Bat Pendant by ZooInfinityAndBeyond
Awake Bat Necklace by PuccoonRaccoon
Sterling Silver Bat Necklace by KirstenSabinaDesigns

By the way, if you do come in contact with a bat out in the wild (or next to your pillow), you really should have it tested for rabies or undergo the horrid rabies shots. Don't be like me.

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