Thursday, February 9, 2017

A is for Abandoned

Wow! Throw a snow day into the mix and I just get lazy. Sorry for the late post if you're a morning person. I decided to do a mental exercise of the Halloween alphabet to get my post for today and I chose "A is for Abandoned."

I found some amazing abandoned looking doll houses! They're from California Favorites. All we know about them is they call themselves The Smith Family. When I first saw the photos of them I thought they were actual abandoned houses.  Take a look at these creepy miniatures.

Abandoned Spooky Miniature Dollhouse

Wooden Miniature Dollhouse

Wooden Miniature Dollhouse

Miniature Spooky Dollhouse
There are a few more of these delightfully dreary houses in the shop. Click through to the houses because there are some amazing details here. And yes, I am still working on my funeral home dollhouse.

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