Thursday, January 12, 2017

Unusual Jewelry for Unusual People

The pieces from Beloved Little Lamb are unusual, but in a quiet way. They don't scream "I AM WEIRD! LOOK AT ME!" They're subtle and murmur "I have you under my spell."  I like that. There are times when I want to shock and draw comments with my accessories, but mostly I just want to wear jewelry that speaks to me and I'd rather the world wasn't listening in. You know what I mean?

The artist is Judith Hoetkers and she started out as a painter before realizing that she is a jeweler. That's fortunate for all of us.

Little Sparrow Earrings with Ruby Teardrops
Black Thorn Earrings
Medusa Brooch
Tiny Fly Ring
Two-Headed Snake Bracelet
Pheasant Foot Brooch
Twisted Black Thorn Ring with Diamond

These pieces are gorgeous. I have several on my "need" list. The pieces I've shown you are from Hoetkers's Etsy shop, but she has her own website you should visit at

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