Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Thrift Store Art Can Be Scary

I like artist David Irvine's description of himself. Irvine says that he has "a passion for scary stuff and Halloween," does artwork that "would be considered low brow contemporary," and loves "to sip fancy cocktails and tell the same 3 or 4 bad jokes to my very patient and tolerant wife." I think I have a crush.

I absolutely love what Irvine does with thrift store art. You see, he adds things to previously painted mass-produced living room art. It's fantastic. Irvine takes commissions, sells his original pieces and prints of his work at The Gnarled Branch. From this day forward I think you're going to feel differently about that picture hanging on your grandmother's wall. I predict you're going to ask for it (much to her surprise and pleasure) and then pass it on to Irvine for a few touches. I would if I could.

Hallowe'en Comes to Town (Signed Print)
A Nature Walk (Signed Print)
Sunday Morning Stroll (Signed Print)
All Creatures Great and Small (Signed Print)
Ghost Story Greeting Card
Not the Gardener Greeting Card

Irvine also offers some original paintings as prints and cards that are spooktacular.

Dark Angel Greeting Card
Ghost Town Greeting Card

Stop by his shop today for a giggle then make a purchase to support an artist. You can always use cards.

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