Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Textile Designers and Skulls

Not sure if you know about VIDA. It's an online store that invites textile designers from around the world to create textiles for items such as pillows, t-shirts, tops, pocket squares, and scarves. It's a bit more high-end than say, Society6, but not outrageously so. Of course, when I found it I had to put in my favorite search word "skull".  Here's a taste of what I found.

BC Skull Pocket Square by BCCreativity

Dragon Fly Sugar Skull Scarf by Claudette McDermott
Mission Skull Pillow by Irene Schlesinger
Coral Skull Top by Anna Harpster
Skull Candy Scarf by Lauren B.
Day of the Dead Fox Skull Tote by Debra Harrison

Skull King Modern T-shirt by Chris Closer

If you like these designs there are well over a hundred more to choose from. I really liked what I found here. The tops and scarves are nice enough I think for a casual day at the office.  Check out this shop and support an artist or two.

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