Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Quilts for Those on the Odd Spectrum

Handmade quilts are a luxury. If you sew one yourself, you understand the significant amount of time put into creating it even if you're using a traditional design. When you begin to create your own designs the time increases and quite frankly I don't know how a quilter could ever part with a quilt they made after all that. It must seem like a child to them. I've always admired them.

Then I saw the quilts designed by Patti Pinkus. She creates quilts for those on the odd spectrum, like us. These are not traditional designs, though Pinkus does those too. Her quilts feature bugs, aliens, and skeletons based on some ancient designs.  I'm looking for wall space as I type. Her shop is Sunbury.

Hand Embroidered Silk Skeleton Based on Pompeiian Floor
Centipede Wall Hanging
Celtic Snakes 
Alien Quilt
Atomic Robot Man
Gold Silk Sea Serpent
You want to take up quilting now, don't you? Don't worry. I understand.

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