Friday, January 13, 2017

Macabre Metal Repoussé

Decorative items made by the technique of repoussé were once quite popular. You don't see it so often anymore and that's why the work of Kaitlin Beckett caught my eye. The fact that she creates images of alchemy, mythology, and skulls just sweetened the deal. She works mainly in pewter and embellishes with paints and beads. Her shop is A Curious Elixir.

Messenger Bat
Plum Jewel Crowned Skull
Victorian Hand
Memento Mori Banner Skull

All of Beckett's work is handcrafted. She doesn't use any machinery to press the images into the metal. I'd love to see a video of her making a piece. You can view other designs on Beckett's website and if you see something not for sale that you like, you can request a previous design. Definitely take a look at the gallery on the website.

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