Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Don't Drink the Poison

I'm fascinated by poisons- especially the ones that are produced naturally in plants. I think we probably have no idea of the vast numbers of people who have been killed by poisons. When I think back in history to the women who toiled for their families and had access to and knowledge of all those poisonous plants, well, I can't help but think more than a few abusive  husbands wasted away unexplainably. (If you're reading this, dear husband, you have nothing to worry about.) It's a fascinating topic and I really need to start a collection around it.

"Lay Off This Old Man's Private Poison"
NASCO Decanter & Skull Shot Glasses
Vintage Style Poison Label Mugs by Needs and Wishes Art
Poor Alyce Poison Bottle Pin by Madness And Tea
Beeswax Poison Bottle Candle by Mountain Honey Art
Poison Juice Box Pin by Winterly
Poison Spoon by CraftLinds
Poison Warning Kitchen Towel by Merry Monogramming
Little Poison Embroidery by Naecogreen
My husband may not have anything to fear, but I have a few other people in mind who could use a  poisonous cocktail. Not you, of course! No, not you.

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