Monday, January 16, 2017

Book Curse: Kickstarter Alert

I love it when I come across a cool Kickstarter project. As always, I bring you a project that is already fully funded even though there are still a few weeks left to go. (I take care of you. That's right.) The project is Book Curse: Ex Libris Bookplates for Vindictive Bibliophiles.

Basically, for a pledge of $12 to $98 you get bookplates to put in all of your spooky books. These just aren't any old bookplates, however. They come with a curse to whomever doesn't return your book. Once upon a time (like medieval times and earlier), when books were very difficult to produce, scribes would put in a warning to any book thieves that they would be cursed if they stole or destroyed a book. You can read about book curses at Wikipedia.

These days my cold, hard glare is usually enough to make sure my books are returned, but I like the idea of having a curse for a backup. The Kickstarter campaign is from artist Chris Volion. You should check out his beautifully detailed illustrations at his gallery. Volion is using the money he raises from this project to upgrade his own printing equipment.

Here are some of the bookplate designs being offered.

There is space left for you to add your name and any additional curses you might want to bestow. For pledges of $149 or more you can choose one of the original drawings which are drawn at twice the size of the bookplate to capture more details. 

This project is so hugely funded that several additional rewards have been added to the mix. Get in on this project while you can, my friends. You're going to wish you had.

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