Friday, January 20, 2017

Binary Winter: Like the Apocalypse with a Hug

I love when I see an artistic partnership that just works. It fulfills some kind of fantasy of a perfect, happy world for me. I'm sure there must be arguments about dirty clothes on the floor like every other household (right?) but I like to imagine them in a sunny studio creating amazing things and singing. There may also be animals that talk, but this is my fantasy so let it alone.

That's the life I imagine for Cody Vrosh and Sheatiel Sarao of Binary Winter. They are enamored with all things from "steampunk to satellites, robotic birds and fairytale astronauts, calculating octopuses and squirrels of the apocalypse." They use their talents to create books, t-shirts, ties and such. They have a shop on Etsy that you'll want to add to your favorites.

Poe's Raven Tie
Gentlemen Dinosaurs T-shirt
Tequila Skull T-shirt
Reapers of Doom Ukulele Club T-shirt
War of The World Tie
The Gas Mask A Day Project Book
Bow Tie of Death

All of Binary Winter's images bring a smile to my face. They can be a bit whimspookal.  We all need a reason to smile today so, check out their shop- it's like the apocalypse with hug.

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