Wednesday, January 4, 2017

A Crown for a Crone

The crowns made by MyWitchery are made for witches; not necessarily the neo-pagan ones, but the witches of fairy tales. Katrin Lanfire is the artist behind these works of magic. They are absolutely stunning. I don't think you even need a reason to wear it to purchase one. After all, they're works of art and would look smashing on one of the skulls you have displayed around your house. I would wear one to the Goblin Ball I'm attending in February (more on that as things come together), but I don't think it would work with the mask I'm wearing. In the end, it's always nice to have a spare crown lying around the house.

Bone Crown
Black Fairy Crown
Demon Crown
Moon Goddess Headpiece
Queen of Hell Crown
Demon Crown

I'm seriously considering purchasing the Queen of Hell crown. I think it should be a part of my work wardrobe. At the very least, it could sit on the bookshelf in my office.

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